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Geraldine Lamb, CEO

My Passion for Helping Immigration Clients

Geraldine Lamb migrated to the United States from Belize, Central

America in mid seventies.  Enlisted in the U.S. Army in the late

seventies and became a naturalized U.S. Citizen in 1987. She was one of

the first few female field artillery radar crewmen. After successfully

serving her initial tour of duty, she changed her military occupation to

U.S. Military Staff Judge Advocate Paralegal Specialist. She later

retired as a senior non-commissioned officer after more than twenty

years of commendable and honorable service. This solid foundation of her military craft yielded the soldier that she is today.

While serving in the Army, she provided timely and accurate

coordination and information on Immigration and Naturalization Service,

regulations and procedures.  She served commendably as a Paralegal

Specialist at the United States Army’s installation located at Fort

Stewart, Georgia. During this tour of duty, Ms. Lamb received laudatory

comments and an impact award for exceptionally meritorious achievement while serving as a Senior Non-commissioned Officer-in-Charge, at the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate for outstanding performance and dedication. Her relentless and superb administrative assistance for support for clients' exigent needs resulted in favorable resolution of an immigration situation.

“I am devoted to and passionate in the resolution and assistance of all migrant issues."

Geraldine Lamb, President & CEO