What We Do



Since 2010, we have led numerous efforts to eradicate and minimize gaps within the delivery of immigration services. We are at the forefront assisting clients with transitioning residency, providing document preparation and consultation services.

We have provided many services including, but not limited to:

  • FEMA Staffing Support
  • Immigration Application Services
  • Divorce Application Services
  • Business Development and Implementation for Dwehli Clients
  • Human Services: 24/7 Community Support and Complimentary Immigration Consultation


To create a stable foundation and innovative solutions for the diverse needs of our clients. No case is too small: LPS, with our military experience, provides distinctive ways that tackle migrant issues head on. As such, we pride ourselves in reuniting families. Your success is our passion. No client will be left behind.


  • National Divorce Applications Services - Contested & Uncontested
  • United States Citizenship & Immigrant Document Preparation Services
  • Full Service Passport Applications
  • Office Administrative Services
  • Project Management Services
  • Project Management and Administration Certifications
  • US Army Judge Advocate General: Criminal Justice experience with US Army Court
  • Retired United States Army Senior Manager